Choosing the right swimming wetsuit is an important decision for open water swimmers, but ProSwimwear are here to help.

Swimming Wetsuits

If it's a triathlon wetsuit you're after, we stock all the leading brands including HUUB, HEAD, TYR, Arena, Speedo, Blueseventy, Mad Wave, Orca, Aqua Sphere and many more.

These swimming wetsuits are made to the highest specifications with the latest technical features, combining flexibility and comfort with the goal of improving your speed and style in the water.

Swimming wetsuits offer far greater flexibility around the arms and shoulders than standard wetsuits, and they are designed to keep you warm, comfortable, buoyant and streamlined when swimming in the sea or the lake.

As well as triathlon wetsuits for open water swimming, we also stock a full range of SwimRun wetsuits that combine swim and running performance, along with an extensive specialist trisuit range.

All brands have men's, women's and kids' wetsuit ranges available in all sizes, along with an extensive choice of goggles and open water accessories such as thermal balaclavas, thermal swim socks, swim gloves, race belts, timing chip straps, transition rucksacks and more.

Our online wetsuit outlet offers one of the largest ranges in the world so, whatever your open water swim challenge, we will have the tri suit for you

We stock an impressive range of triathlon wetsuits from the world's top brands such as TYR, HUUB, HEAD, Arena, Speedo, Blueseventy, Mad Wave, Orca, Aqua Sphere and more.

Swimming wetsuits are different to standard surf and beach wetsuits as they have been designed specifically with the open water swimmer's needs in mind.

They are made with thinner neoprene around the armpits and shoulders, giving the swimmer a much greater flexibility and freedom of movement.

We stock different types of swimming wetsuit to suit all abilities. Triathlon wetsuits for beginners or novices tend to have increased buoyancy which helps the swimmer to conserve energy, while more advanced triathlon wetsuits will sacrifice some of that buoancy for increased flexibility.

As well as these specialist swimming wetsuits, we also have the very best in trisuits and SwimRun wetsuits. These innovative suits have been made to combine swimming and running performance.

All our brands make triathlon wetsuits in all sizes, for adults and juniors. We also have an extensive collection of goggles and other open water accessories including thermal balaclavas, thermal swim socks, swim gloves, race belts, timing chip straps and transition rucksacks.

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