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It is not just swimsuits that must pass strict regulations to be permitted for use in competitions. Racing goggles must also be FINA-approved to be worn in any FINA-affiliated swimming championships or qualifying meets.

At ProSwimwear, we have an extensive range of racing swimming goggles designed by the world's best swimwear brands to be streamlined and reduce drag in the water.

The Speedo Fastskin and Arena Cobra ranges are both competition goggles that have established themselves as hugely popular professional swimming goggles ranges among our loyal customers. These ultra-sleek goggles have a range of hi-tech features to improve the swimmer's glide through the water, while offering unrivalled peripheral vision.

There are a wide range of mirrored or smoked lenses to suit every swimmer's preference, but our range of performance-driven racing goggles does not stop with Speedo and Arena.

Brands such as TYR, MP Michael Phelps, Mad Wave and Aqua Sphere also make exceptional racing goggles, giving you plenty of eyewear options ahead of your next big race in the pool.

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