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<h1>TYR Swimwear</h1> <p>TYR swimwear is 'always in front' according to the American company's slogan, and it's certainly fair to say that TYR swimsuits have proved their worth alongside the best in the world.</p> <p>In the past 30 years, the American company has grown to become one of the most recognisable brands in the swimming and triathlon scene.</p> <p>The popularity of TYR performance swimwear comes from the brand's ability to combine hi-tech and innovative features with striking eye-catching patterns and designs. Not only do TYR swimsuits push you to swim your best time, they also make sure you look good doing it.</p> <p>TYR swimming costumes and jammers use the latest hydrosphere technology that sees water surround the fabric rather than saturating it. This results in a lighter and faster race suit.</p> <p>ProSwimwear is proud to be a TYR swimwear UK stockist, with the brand becoming incredibly popular among swimmers - not just for the competitive swimsuits, but also the impressive range of accessories.</p> <p>TYR swim bags are one of the must-have poolside items, while TYR goggles are becoming a popular choice among competitive swimmers due to their low profile design and mirrored lenses.</p> <p>The TYR swimwear range doesn't stop with the pool. It is also a triathlon specialist, with a full choice of the highest quality tri wetsuits and open water accessories.</p> <p>So visit ProSwimwear, your number one TYR UK online store, and get kitted out with all that you need to produce your best ever performances.</p>
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