Boy's Jammers, Trunks & Briefs

At ProSwimwear we stock a huge range of boys swimwear that features hundreds of swim trunks, swim shorts, jammers and briefs from the world's biggest sports and swim brands.

For competitive swimmers who want to concentrate on their race performance, we have FINA-approved boys swimsuits that have been made using the most advanced boys swimwear technology.

Top brands such as Speedo, Arena, TYR, Jaked, MP Michael Phelps, adidas and Mad Wave produce racing tech suits for the world's fastest swimmers. Their boys' swimsuits will give your son the very best suit to race in.

The boys swim trunks, swim shorts, jammers and briefs in our range of training and fitness boys swimwear have been designed with long-lasting durability in mind. They can be worn again and again without losing their shape, fit or colors. Perfect for long and regular training sessions.

In addition, we also stock a colorful collection of leisure swimwear, featuring boys trunks and boys swim suits that are perfect for school lessons, the beach or pool parties.

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